The R/C Community and Coronavirus-19.

   The R/C Community and Coronavirus-19.

 As we know the Coronavirus-19 has impacted all of us. People, Schools, Business, Parks, and yes

even our hobbies!! 

     With the Coronavirus-19 upon us it did not stop our flying hobby entirely. From Learning, Building, Designing and

getting ready to fly.

    Summer weather will soon be here for good flying weather. But let us not forget about important matters at hand.

With State Parks and R/C flying Clubs we all have to Keep Our Guard Up Strong as this Coronavirus-19 carries on!!

 Let's all have fun this year. But also be careful and use safety measures all the time when we fly at our Club(s) or just visiting.

 1.     When Sick Stay Home.


 2 .    Wear A Mask.


 3.     Social Distancing. 


 3.    Use Hand Disinfectant.  


 4.    One Person at a  Flying Station.


 5.    Follow All The Club Rules.


  Yes, A lot has changed this year. But we still can have a good flying season by using Common Sense

 and following all the Rules.

 Happy Landings!!

  God Bless.

 Pete and RePete Shadow News Letter Editor 6-08-2020





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