Turkey Fun Fly Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019 (Closing of the 2019 season)

It seems like yesterday we were planning our May 19, 2019 Opening Day and here it is November and we just had our Turkey Fun Fly. It was a a truly great event with lots of food - pizza, hamburgers, sausages, and hog dogs. Big thank you to George for this generous donation of food that made our fun fly especially enjoyable. Also, many thanks to Frank Lombardi and Fred  who have contributed there time and efforts throughout the year keeping our grass mowed and our mower running, Pete for his opening day contests, prizes and the monthly newsletter. Of course our club would not run as smoothly without the leadership provided by our president Matt Hamilton who is always involved in every aspect of our clubs activities. Maybe with a little luck and cooperation from mother nature we may still get a few more flying days in before old man winter shuts us down for a while. Happy Holidays to our members and family. 

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