Opening Day Club Contest May 19, 2019

 From: The Monmouth Model Airplane Club 

 Hello From Pete & Re-Pete.

 I would like to send this e-mail out to you in regards to the
Guillows  405 - P-40 Warhawk Contest for Opening Day May 19,2019

 As I stated this contest is not for everyone, for the members who are not
interested I wanted to inform you in the subject matter of your e-mail 
The Heading Will Be Always: 

To (Guillows 405 P-40 Challengers' )The Monmouth Model Airplane Club.

 I do not wish to fill up your e-mail with unwanted e-mail(s) also I do not know
who will be entering or who likes to just follow the Guillows 405 P-40 Contest.
Inconclusion If you see the above heading line you will know what the e-mail
topic(s) will be about and you can delete it. I would like to thank you for your time.

All Right ......Now that, that's out of the way
This is For my Guillows  405 P-40 Challengers'!!

 Things are already in the making, that is making this Contest Worth Entering
I will not leave you stranded or making you forget about this fun contest.
or to just sit on the shelf and gather balsa dust...….. NO WAY!!

 I will keep you pumped up!! Ready to go!! Wanting you to complete this to the end!!
For the members on the fence of not sure should I enter this contest or not I will
help tip the scale for you to get your Guillows 405 P-40 ready for this contest.
A contest like this may not come for a long ,long, time!! Just Think About that
for a minute. What do you have to lose I ask you?? A Lot!!!! For starters A Beautiful
Guillows 405 P-40, Cold Cash Prize Money, And some other Surprises you 
don't even know about?????????????

The More Members who enter this the BIGGER IT WILL GET!!
Who Said this Contest will stop after Opening Day May 19, 2019
You will never know what I am up to...………..

 What I would like to do for my Guillows 405 P-40 Challengers'
once or maybe twice a month have a e-mail(s) sent to you
about info of the Guillows 405 P-40 Contest.  The Who, What, Where & When
Up-dates, Some trivia on the P-40, Web sights, and more to make this fun
for everyone that's getting involved.  I been in this club for 33 Happy years
I think I know on what will fly and will not.  I don't care
if one member enters. I will 110% for the member(s)
who do / does enter they will have a Great Time Participating
and maybe come out Winning Big Period!

For Starters Send me some e-mail(s) if your going to enter this Contest,
& photos MORE THE BETTER keep me posted I would enjoy to know
what your up too and share with others along the way.
In-put and things to help you & I to make this contest for what it worth
Fun, Entertaining & Social..

 Did I tell you about?????????
More soon to come!!

Hope to hear from you soon.
Pete & Re-Pete.
Monmouth Model Airplane club.

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Matt Hamilton - President

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